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Price: Free

OS: iPhone

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Size: 1.34MB

Version: 4

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required

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Photonasis 4.0 Lite 4

For any issues with the app: UPDATE: Now you can save...
Publisher's Description:

For any issues with the app: UPDATE: Now you can save unlimited number of images per day, the same as what was in the full version If you want to get the ads free app + the ability to save in multiple resolutions, you can buy the full app: Photonasis Tired of your iPhone camera? What about if you want to make fun with friends and instead of this normal static image you show them their image as if it was oil painted? Or maybe you want your photo with those you love as if a professional painter drew you using just a pencil? Or maybe you need to show your photo to your friend as if you have taken it while youre in supermans mode and running faster than a speeding bullet? Or maybe you need to transform your family photo into a photo from the cartoon world? All these are possible and more using Photonasis Photonasis is the must have program for anyone whos into photography and wants to add very nice touches into his/her photos. This app has the biggest collection of photo effects on the app store and for a price that is cheaper than anyone else, why pay more in many applications while you could have all these effects in just one application? The current version of Photonasis comes with all these effects: 1- Gray Scale 2- Negative 3- Sepia 4- Sharpening 5- Edge Detection 6- Smoothing 7- Mean Removal. 8- Gaussian Blur. 9- Emboss 10- Histogram Equalization 11- Pinch (Protuberant Fisheye). 12- Punch (Concave Fisheye). 13- Swirl 14- Cylinder. 15- Bathroom effect. 16- Salt & Pepper effect 17- Dilate (Light Enhancing). 18- Erode (Darkness Enhancing). 19- Dither (B&W Mosaic Like) 20- Threshold (Silhouette) 21- X-Ray 22- Soften 23- Median 24- Contour 25- Artistic Pencil 26- Pencil 27- Jitter (Spray Paint) 28- Oil Paint 29- Motion Blur 30- Colored Pencil 31- Colored Cartoon 32- Black & White Cartoon 33- Brightness Adjustment And here youre a description for just a couple of them: Histogram Equalization: your photo lighting is not good? Color levels are not that great? Your image quality is not good over all? This is the ultimate filter that can fix all those problems in one shot :) Pseudo Colors: this is how your image would look like if you shot it using an X-Ray camera Contour: want your picture to act as if it was taken by an alien camera? You can do this using this filter Artistic Pencil: just imagine that your picture is drawn using a very nice & artistic pencil Oil Paint: now you want your photo to act as if it was painted by a professional painter, this filter will certainly do it Motion Blur: want to feel as if you were superman? Try this out :) Also incoming in a very short period for free: 1- Color Pencil: Now your image is in colored pencil 2- Color Cartoon: transform your family image as it was coming from Looney Tunes world 3- Black & White Cartoon: just black & white cartoon 4- Contrast adjustments. 5- Brightness adjustments. No one ever provides all these filters for free, the only limitation that you can only save one photo per day in the Lite edition One final thing, you may meet some application crashing, this is not the applications problem, but since this is doing complex image processing, it needs some memory to exist on the device, and if you were using a lot of applications that leak this memory, then my application wont find enough memory to work with, and so iPhones operating system will just shut down my application. The only work around this issue is to restart your device (power cycling the device), after that the application will work perfectly Please if you face any issues, before you send any negative feedback, try to send me an email first and if I failed to solve your problem then you can leave your negative feedback, but please try to contact me first, it wont cost you anything, just send an email to my email below:

What's new in this version: Fixing issues related to framework 3.0 Please help us build more software by clicking through some of the ads on the application. This is the only way we are making money out of this application You can also choose different resolution output from the application's setting page under iPhone/iPod settings.

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